Today is February 15, 2019


The mission of the Arizona Crime Prevention Association, Inc. (ACPA, Inc.) includes providing and encouraging a forum for the exchange, coordination and teaching of ideas, concepts and programs that promote crime prevention planning and implementation, nationally and locally, to law enforcement, citizens and corporate loss prevention specialists.

In an effort to continue the mission of the ACPA, Inc., it is important to include all individuals interested in crime prevention, regardless of the financial constraints which fall upon them. In doing so, the ACPA, Inc. has developed a number of methods an individual can do to obtain an annual membership, even during financial hardship. Some of these methods include: 

  • Volunteering to assist during a scheduled ACPA, Inc. board fundraising event. (Time equal to $12.00 per hour, which can be used for membership, training registration, or both.)
  • Obtaining viable donations to be used as a door prize, auction item or raffle item, benefiting the ACPA, Inc. (Credit determined by prize obtained.)
  • Obtaining a meal sponsorship for an upcoming training, event or activity hosted by the ACPA, Inc. (Credit determined by meal obtained.)
  • Collecting and delivering cellular telephones to the ACPA, Inc. as part of their phone recycling fundraiser. (75 phones = $50.00.) This will be available as long as the phone fundraiser program is in place.
    As an added opportunity for inclusion, the ACPA, Inc. would like to offer a number of "need" based membership grants. These need-based grants will allow individuals who are not otherwise able to participate in any of the above ways, to apply for assistance. Each of the need-based submissions will be reviewed and decided upon by the organization's board and based upon the organizations financial standing and expected stability.
    Individuals needing assistance must first contact an individual from the Board of Directors prior to completing the form below. All submissions will be reviewed and decided upon a case-by-case basis during an upcoming board meeting or by approved board communication.

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