Today is April 27, 2017


The Arizona Crime Prevention Association provides quality training throughout the state of Arizona. We strive on bringing our members state of the art and cutting edge training opportunities. We will always attempt to do this at a reduced cost or no cost to members.


Please do not register for any ACPA training unless you plan on attending.  If you register and don't show, or cancel and do not find a replacement, you will have taken a slot that someone else could have used. You or your department will be charged a $50 cancellation/no show fee.


FREE training for Law Enforcement (Both Sworn & Civilian) on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 0900-1200 hours at the Mesa Police Department Central District Community Room located at 120 N. Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201.  Registration/Sign-In begins at 0830 and the class will begin promptly at 0900.  Seating is limited so you MUST RSVP by February 15th by e-mail to: to attend.


This class is for anyone in Law Enforcement who is required to do business visits, multi-family property visits, community meetings, etc. and would like to learn some tips for making those visits both effective and efficient.  Your time is valuable and so is the time of the person you need to contact.  By attending this training, you will gain a new set of tools to use when making contact in your community!  Whether you are new to your position or would just like to learn some new skills, gather resources, and network with others doing the same type of visits, this class is for you!  If you have any questions, please call me at (480) 644-2033 or e-mail.

Anti-Graffiti Webinars and Collaboration Calls

·         All Webinars and Calls are FREE.

         Webinars and Collaboration Calls cover a variety of anti-graffiti topics such as ordinances, penalties, volunteers, etc.

Click on this link for the schedule of Webinars and Calls:   Then click on the Webinars and Calls menu.

Additional resources to visit for training opportunities:  (includes monthly webinars)


The Arizona Crime Prevention Association, Inc. is not responsible for content included on Web sites or in training curriculum that is part of training not sponsored by the ACPA. This information is provided as a resource only.